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The Original Hygenie Anti-Acne Pillowcase

Is Your Pillowcase the Weak Link In Your Acne Care Regimen?

How Your Pillowcase Causes Breakouts:

Microorganisms in your pillowcase can grow to harmful levels in just one day.

How Hygenie Works:

Silver Ions embedded in the fabric penetrate cell walls, preventing bacteria from reproducing. The result is a pillowcase where harmful microorganisms cannot survive.

Read What Our Customers Are Saying!

Super comfortable pillowcase that gives me the peace of mind that my face is on something clean after a long day in a dirty city. Occasional zits are seemingly a thing of the past! I highly recommend.

Johnathan B

As advertised. Great product, really helped my skin when i sleep. I dont break out anymore on my face. Feels like a high quality product. Will order more for guest rooms.

Christopher Laika

Tried it and noticed a difference in my completion after a week or two. As time went on, my skin looked almost blemish free. Cleaning the pillowcase is easy and actually not needed as often as a regular pillow case. It somehow seems to stay fresher longer. Definitely getting a great bang for your buck here.


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Anti Acne Pillowcase by The Original Hygenie:

The Anti Acne Hygenie Silver Ionic Pillowcase with the proper blend of our Silver Ionic technology can kill odor causing bacteria and help you fight acne while you sleep.

Ionic Silver Embedded Poly Blend

Made in the USA

Doctor Recommended

Maximum protection against bacterial odors and environmental pollutants

Prevents microbial growth of germs & bacteria that cause odors

Stays fresh and soft wash after wash after wash

Blocks allergens and helps to fight acne

What is Hygenie?

The Hygenie family of products are made of a special blend bonded into our fabrics during the Dyeing process. This process infuses our fabrics with a silver ionic technology that stops odor causing bacteria from reproducing and acts like a barrier between people and surfaces.

What is Silver Ionic Technology?

Hygenie’s Silver Ionic Technology is based on a centuries old method of fighting bacteria. Before soap people would use “Silver” ware because nothing grows on silver. This gave people who lived before modern medicine certainty that they would probably not get sick from sharing their forks and knives. Our products use the properties of silver in the perfect balance at just the right levels to stop reproducing bacteria. This helps to safeguard your health and well-being naturally.

Who Should use the Anti Acne Pillowcase?

Anyone who is concerned about their health and wellness should consider using All Hygenie Products. Hygenie products provide a critical barrier that has been proven effective to kill germs and disrupt disease transfer, keeping you safer everywhere you are and everywhere you go. If come into close physical contact with people as a daily part of your work life, Hygenie products can be especially valuable for you.

For More Information about the one pack and all of our products please visit our FAQ section.