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I don’t usually write reviews but I’ve been so happy with this product that I felt compelled to spread the word. I’m a 28 year old female with adult acne. If you’ve ever had acne in your life you know the frustration: always feeling like people are starring at the pimples and not really looking at you. Anyway, I tried a lot of products. Some made my skin so dry and cracked, I almost preferred the acne. Not to mention the other rules, no going in the sun, must wear sun screen, no makeup, and no other products on your face. Finally, I heard about this pillow case through a friend. Her skin wasn’t even as bad as mine so I was skeptical, maybe it would only work on people with a blemish here or there. I bought the product anyway and this has been my third week using it. My skin is so so much better. I still have some acne but it’s not what it was before when I would wake up and fight with my face every morning. I highly recommend this product. MIchelle H

I’ve been using this pillow case for about a week now, and I have to say that I love it. When I wake up, my face feels just as clean as it was when I went to sleep – not oily feeling. I can see my face slowly clearing up, and no new blemishes have appeared. Heather

Love this pillowcase, would definitely recommend! Wilma WR

I got one for a gift from a friend. Tried it and noticed a difference in my completion after a week or two. As time went on, my skin looked almost blemish free. Cleaning the pillowcase is easy and actually not needed as often as a regular pillow case. It somehow seems to stay fresher longer. Definitely getting a great bang for your buck here.  Mike

As advertised. Great product, really helped my skin when i sleep. I dont break out anymore on my face. Feels like a high quality product. Will order more for guest rooms. Christopher Laika

Super comfortable pillowcase that gives me the peace of mind that my face is on something clean after a long day in a dirty city. Occasional zits are seemingly a thing of the past! I highly recommend. Johnathan B

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The HyGenie Pillowcase